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When Dawn and Mickey discover an infestation of raccoons living in their garage-turned-mancave, the unseen vermin threaten to tear them apart (figuratively). Dawn wants the animals out—NOW—but Mickey hesitates—he’s having The Guys over on Football Saturday, and he fears what they’ll think of him if he can’t handle these little furry beasts himself. As the filth piles up, Mickey’s denial deepens, food products are thrown, masculinity is wrestled with (literally), Boston Market is consumed, and all the madness explodes in a raucous, ridiculous and outrageous football-Saturday party—GAME NITE.

One-act full-length play (40 pgs). 6-8 roles.


2019, The Sheen Center – Independent Reading

2019, The Melancholy Players (Director: Kyr Siegel)

2018, Sarah Lawrence College First Look Reading Series

Photos: Lulu Guzman

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