A blond white man with glasses stands in front of a lavender background, wearing colorful clothes.


Jackson Tucker-Meyer (he/him) is a neurodivergent theatre artist who creates work that is weird for weirdness' sake, determinedly anti-conventional, and shamelessly wackadoo. Jackson's Banana Guy and Banana Girl with Banana Dreamz in a Krazy World was part of Roundabout Theatre Company's inaugural Reverb Theatre Arts Festival. Three of his plays – GAME NITE, Cap'n McKrispy's Underwater Utopia, and 4 U – have been produced at Sarah Lawrence College. He has written and performed two solo works: Mutant Mammal Runamuck in the Penny-Arcade of Quotidian Curiosities (Sarah Lawrence College), and How To Make A Perfect Peanut Butter And Jelly Sandwich (HERE Arts Center).

MFA Theatre, Sarah Lawrence College.
BA Arts & Ideas in the Humanities, University of Michigan.
Graduate of the Teaching Artist Project and the Teaching Artist Training Institute.


I am a fabulously autistic playwright who seeks to encourage empathy through the embrace of the eccentric, the extravagant, the extreme, the experimental, and the extraordinary.

My autism influences my art in the ways that I subvert theatrical realism (a boringly neuronormative aesthetic) with glittery grotesque goofiness, crafting loud, colorful, filthy worlds where strangeness is familiar and only the ordinary is unusual, ideally altering the audience’s collective worldview and leaving them more accepting of difference and otherness.

Basically, I would like to make people’s hearts bigger by making plays that are larger than life.