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The Perfection of the Donut

Stage Whisper (Podcast Interview)

Listen on Apple Podcasts (1/26/2024)

Marvels of Media Awards – Museum of the Moving Image

The New York Times (Article / Interview)

"Museum Show Highlights Media-Makers on the Autism Spectrum" by Robin Pogrebin (03/30/22)

The Hollywood Reporter (Press Release)

"Museum of the Moving Image Unveils Winners of Inaugural Marvels of Media Awards, Honoring Autistic Creators" by Kimberly Nordyke (03/16/22)


Reverb Theatre Arts Festival – Roundabout Theatre Company

Photo: Thanassi Karageorgiou / Museum of the Moving Image

Roundabout Theatre Company Blog (Interview)

"Reverb Festival Reflections" by Shane Dittmar, Anita Hollander, Makena Metz, Michael Shutt, and Jackson Tucker-Meyer (05/21/21)

American Theatre (Press Release)

"Roundabout's Reverb Fest to Showcase Disabled Artists From All Over the U.S." by American Theatre Editors (04/08/21)

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