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The Perfection of the Donut

Three decadent dandies (The Honourable Countess Elysia Saint-Jouissance, Lucius Absinthicissus, and Belletristesse DuFoppe) live beauteous lives of idle pleasure in the grimy backroom of a donut shop, huffing flowers, drinking tea, discussing Art, and saying the wittiest things—until the grouchy shop owner, Mister Burp, threatens to throw them out unless they start to *shudder* WORK. The dandies are appalled—but when they meet the owner’s angsty son, Dude, and are tasked with teaching him how to take care of the place, the dandies and Dude transform each other, fabulously and forevermore. A deeply trivial and seriously frivolous exploration of friendship, beauty, and what it means to create oneself.

Full-length two-act play. 5 roles.


Semi-Finalist, Bay Area Playwrights Festival, 2023


2024, The Tank (Director: Kate Trammell)

2022, JACK – Independent Reading (Director: Kate Trammell)

Photos: Angela of York

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